2020 Earth Day & GLappreciates

In light of the COVID-19 situation, we could not carry out our usual Earth Day activities this year. However, we worked around this difficulty by going digital! We celebrated Earth Day by sharing a few tips on how everyone can play their part in saving the Earth via our Instagram page. In addition, our Greenlink members also created a Bingo sheet (How Green Are You?) for students & staff to gauge for themselves how green they are! This served to inform students & staff on further steps which they could take and to encourage those who had been going green to keep up their efforts. Bringing our own lunch boxes was especially important during this period and in doing so, we can not only save the environment by reducing plastic waste, but also help reduce costs for our hawkers. We hope that everyone plays their part in saving our Earth because alone we can do little, but together we can do so much more! 

On top of sharing tips, some Greenlink members also came together to make a video to appreciate those who have been fighting hard during this COVID-19 period. Through our video, we hope to spread positivity and to express our gratitude to those who have been working extremely hard during this COVID-19 period. We not only wish to thank the healthcare workers fighting at the frontline, but also our teachers, delivery staff, policemen, supermarket staff and everyone else who are trying their very best to help others who may be more vulnerable during this period. 🙂


2020 World Water Day

This year, Greenlink commemorated World Water Day in conjunction with PUB Singapore. With the support of PUB, Greenlink set up a pull-up banner and a booth at the College’s canteen extension with the aim of raising awareness about water conservation. We got students to pledge to one of the 5 steps to conserve water and signify it by writing one of the letters of the word water on a bottle cap. In light of the COVID-19 situation, our initial idea of a photo booth was changed to a mobile photo booth where students were encouraged to post photos taken with the props made by our 2020 Junior High 2 Green Advocates! Despite the restrictions put in place, we still managed to get more than 30 students as well as our canteen vendors to pledge to conserve water! We would like to thank PUB Singapore for supporting our initiative. #GoBlue4SG


2020 CNY Yusheng

This year, Greenlink started a new tradition to have Yusheng together every Chinese New Year Eve. Chinese New Year is an occasion for us to come together and have reunion gatherings with our family. To the EXCO, Greenlink is a big family and since our Junior High members hardly get to interact with our Senior High members on a normal basis, we decided to have a gathering for us to come together as a big family, bless each other with greetings and wish for a more successful ‘green’ year ahead! Most would say greetings such as 年年有余,五福临门 etc. but for our Greenlink Yusheng, we also wished for our projects to go smoothly, for our worms to grow fatter,and for all our plants to bloom! We also make an effort to bring our own chopsticks to reduce our usage of disposable cutlery! 😀

2019 Vermicomposting Overview

Over the course of 2019, our JH1 Green advocates and Greenlink members worked hard to consistently tend to our worm factories, collecting food waste such as vegetable peels and eggshells from canteen vendors and processing them to feed the worms. They have also been fertilising our garden with food scraps to better the growth of our plants. In the first semester, we managed to reduce 75 kilograms of food waste as well as another 67 kilograms in semester 2 for a total of 142 kilograms of food to be reduced in 2019 alone! 

We are very thankful to the canteen vendors for supporting our efforts by keeping the food scraps for us while never failing to have a smile on their faces!


2019 Recycling Box

In 2019, we introduced a new initiative to encourage the recycling of plastic bottles among our student population. Every class was given a box which was used to organise the plastic bottles and other plastic recyclables for recycling. The box was managed by the Green Advocates(GAs) of each class who were in charge of disposing the bottles into the Blue Veolia Recycling Bin every two weeks. Through this initiative, a total of 250 plastic bottles were collected in just one month! To push forward this initiative, we will be expanding it to include both plastic and paper recyclables this year. We would like to thank those who have participated and hope that you will continue to do so this year as well!


2019 School Green Awards

We were delighted and excited when we received news that we had been invited to the Singapore Green Awards for winning the Yellow Flame award! Through this event, we got the opportunity to set up a booth to showcase our efforts in waste management and waste minimisation to other schools and visitors. We also organised a puzzle activity about vermicomposting to teach the younger children on how to reduce waste! In addition, we were pleased to be able to talk to other schools and learn about the measures they took and how we could possibly incorporate them into our efforts as well. Many schools and teachers also expressed their interest in collaborating for future learning journeys and workshops. The event was attended by a variety of schools, including preschools and special education schools. Additionally,  there were also many zero waste companies Who shared about the measures they took in their various different fields. Through these sharings and discussions, we learned much about how to reduce our carbon footprints and manage the waste we create. 


This was followed by a talk by the Chairman of Singapore Green Awards, Ms Isabella Huang-Lo, about our carbon emissions as a country, as well as how the initiatives done by schools in Singapore have affected the carbon footprint of Singapore. After which we were  presented the Yellow Flame award by our Minister of Education, Mr Ong Ye Kung!


This achievement would not have been possible without the support of those who have supported our initiatives to help make Singapore greener and to raise awareness about environmental issues! We are thankful for your support and glad to have been able to take away as much as we have from the Singapore Green Awards!

2020 Clean & Green Singapore Carnival Eco Fair

The Clean and Green Eco Fair is an open to public festival organised by NEA where people can learn more about living a green lifestyle through different activities and workshops. Greenlink was represented by eight of our Junior High members who conducted a public workshop on how to make vermicomposting kits using commonly found household items. Through this workshop, a total of 40 kits were made by members of the public with 1-to-1 guidance from our Greenlink members. It was a meaningful experience for our members as it was the first time we conducted a workshop in a public roadshow. We were also glad that it turned out to be a success with many being eager to participate and learn! We hope to conduct more workshops to the public in the future!

2019 NJC e-Recycling Initiative Update

As part of our e-Recycling Initiative, an eRecycling bin was set up in the canteen to collect eWaste to be recycled. About 7kg of eWaste, pictured below, including various electronic devices and wires were collected and sent to Nanyang Girls High to drop off in their RENEW bin.

eWaste collected from the eRecycling bin

Thanks to NYGH for the help as well as to everyone who supported our initiative!


2019 E-Recycling Poster Making Competition

As part of our e-Recycling program, the JH4 Green Advocates recently prepared a presentation to inform the student population about e-Recycling. As part of this activity, the different classes participated in a poster making competition and used their knowledge gained from the presentations to create a poster that encouraged and informed the audience about e-Recycling. We would like to congratulate JH203 and JH403 for winning this competition. Do check out their posters below!

Thanks to all the classes for their participation!


2019 Taiwan Students Hosting

As part of NJC’s many exchange programs, we often have students from different schools around the world coming to experience what school life in our college is like.

Today, we had the opportunity to host one group of such students from Taiwan, and shared with them about our vermicomposting project. This included teaching them how we set up the worm beds and fed the worms, and ended off with us fertilising the plants in our garden with some of the fertiliser that we had collected.

We would like to thank all of the students for taking the time to participate and we hope that they had an enjoyable experience!