Greenlink and CIP

Brief Description:

NJC Greenlink initiates community service projects with partners. These range from short term 3-session projects to long term ones. Some are regular features of the Greenlink Workplan, while others are special collaborations that have different focuses from year to year. The partners include CDCs and schools. Some examples include Queenstown Primary School, with whom we have been working since 2009 and North-West CDC, since 2007. Furthermore, in promoting green movement involvement among non-Greenlink members, it has been a policy of the NJC Greenlink Club to award CIP hours for participating in Greenlink projects. Announcements will be made to invite participation in Greenlink-initiated CIPs.


The aims of Greenlink-initiated CIPs are

  • to offer Greenlink and non-Greenlink members to serve the community,
  • to educate the community about green issues, and
  • to provide the community opportunities to practise conservation.

Greenlink invites members and non-members to register for the CIPs when they are organised.

List of CIPs:
  • Energy Audit
  • Queenstown Primary School CIP
    – 2009: Earth Week commemoration @QtPS (mentoring students to mount Earth Week activities)
    – 2010: Earth Week commemoration @QtPS (mentoring students to mount Earth Week activities)
    2010: Nature Trails @ the Singapore Botanic Gardens
    2011: Cherish Nature @ QtPS (mentoring P4 students to create signboards for their school garden)
    – 2012: Cherish Nature @ QtPS (mentoring P4 and 5 students to paint doorknob hangers and recycling bin with Conservation messages)
    – 2013: Mural Painting of LifeScience Room @QtPS (mentoring students to paint wall of LifeScience room)

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