Green Readings

This is a page that is set up for educational purposes. It directs readers to links and articles meant to persuade those who have yet to be convinced about why we need to make the effort to practise conservation, why so many of us see the future of the earth threatened by Man’s careless living; as well as those who have joined the global green movement and want to be more knowledgeable about the choices that we should be making. We would like to acknowledge all the respected sources from which these articles have been gleaned – we would like to express our thanks for allowing us to refer others to writing that is informative and persuasive. No profit is made from any of our work – we are a group of students who believe that the best, and perhaps the only way to change lifestyles and mindsets is to have an understanding of the underlying problems and the complexities even amidst the possible solutions available.

For a start, some readings are available in the Green Symposium 2011 blog: A Leaf From Their Book and Science and the Environment. We welcome readers’ recommendations and alerts to new findings and articles that will keep us updated on the conservation issue. Please email us at


Section A: Environment Under Seige

Plastic Debris Is Polluting the World’s Oceans

The Pressures of Globalization Will Produce Unprecedented Environmental Deterioration

The environmental cost of coffee to go

Section B: New Solutions to Old Problems

WWF launches PDF-like file format that can’t be printed

With Tiny Cans, a New Trash Equation

Section C: Challenges and Big Questions for the Future 

Bioplastics Debate: Could They Harm The Environment?

Plastic and the Great Recycling Swindle

Section D: Singapore and the Green Movement

Summary Singapore Green Plan 2012

Singapore Green Plan 2012


Other learning platforms:

We are building up other avenues for learning and would like to thank the institutions for sharing the knowledge and developing young people in the area of environment conservation.

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