2019 June Open House Vermicomposting Workshops

Greenlink welcomed our first 2 vermicomposting workshops of the year on 1st June!

These 2 workshops were attended by students from Marsiling Primary School as well as members of the public and were conducted by Swapna Priya, Cammie Sim and our new Greenlink trainers (Chan Syn Ning, Low Weslyn, Deepika & Jayashree).

During the workshop, our Greenlink members shared with the participants about the current food waste situation in Singapore before enthusiastically introducing the concept of vermicomposting to them. They taught the participants how they can easily obtain DAISO shoe boxes and turn them into a worm factory!

From the numerous questions posted during the FAQ segment, we could tell that the participants had enjoyed the workshop. Our Greenlink members had an enjoyable time interacting with the primary school children and members of public during the workshop. These DIY worm factory workshops were definitely meaningful for both facilitators and participants and we hope that they will take good care of their worm factories as well as spread this sustainable practice to their family and friends 🙂



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