2019 NJC e-Recycling Initiative

This May, NJC started our very first e-Recycling Initiative. Electronic waste contain a lot of harmful chemicals and carcinogenic substances. Improper disposal can lead to leak in lanfills and waterbodies.

This initiative aims to educate the NJ community on e-Recycling. There will be CCE talks and movie sessions held throughout the year, by Green Advocates of the various levels, so as to educate their cohort mates on why should they e-recycle, how to e-recycle and what to e-recycle. By educating students about e-recycling and raising awareness for this initiative, we hope that students will pick the option of e-recycling over disposing such electronic waste in normal trash bins.

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Besides CCE talks and movie sessions, our JH4 GAs have also planned a series of activities in order to educate our student community in NJ. An-interclass poster-making competition will be held for all cohorts in Junior High. Students will be given the task to create a e-poster on e-recycling and students will be grouped into groups of 4-5. Each group has to produce 1 poster. The class chair will choose the best poster for submission. Besides the best poster being able to be rewarded with a prize, the other posters will also be uploaded on Greenlink Instagram, blog and many more platforms to educate people on the importance of eRecycling. 

Screenshot 2019-05-30 at 12.38.05 AM.png

As Starhub RENEW is currently undergoing the restructuring of such an e-recycling system in Singapore, they are unable to provide our college with any e-recycling bins. Thus, we have contacted Nature Society of Nanyang Girls High to collaborate on this project. An eRecycling bin will be set up in our college and when it is full, we will send it over to Nanyang Girls High to drop it off in their RENEW bin. Thank you NYGH for lending us a helping hand 🙂

More details on e-recycling will be updated and posted in the later half of the year. Also stay tuned to find out more about NJ’s first e-recycling program!


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