2019 Earth Week BYO Programme

For this year’s Earth Week, Greenlink launched a Bring Your Own programme to encourage school staff and students to bring their own lunchboxes for takeaways, to reduce usage of single-use styrofoam and plastic takeaway containers.

To kick off this Bring-Your-Own initiative, our Greenlink members conducted CCE sessions to educate NJ students about how using such single-use takeaway containers bring about harmful effects on the environment.


Next, we gave out cards for students and staff to collect stamps whenever they refuse single-use takeaway containers so as to encourage them to bring their own Tupperware lunchboxes for takeaways!  bcb3a976-47b2-40a9-a9d1-3b5b9408ba96.JPG

c94c696d-5391-40e9-90ec-a40916ddf17c.JPGAt the end of the month, we also gave out WHEAT (not plastic!) cutlery sets to students and staff who collected 8 stamps on their cards. 🙂

We hope that by rolling out this initiative, NJ community can be more aware of the deleterious effects on our environment when using single-use takeaway containers and we hope that they would join us on our journey to greening NJC! 🙂

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