2019 Vermicomposting Workshop – GongShang Primary School

On 8 April 2019, 20 students from GongShang Primary School visited our school’s vermicomposting area as part of their enrichment learning journey. Our JH3 Greenlink members as well as JH1 Green Advocates very eagerly introduced to them what we do in our weekly routine. Students were given an activity booklet each to fill in as they headed to each learning station. 

The students participated in 3 learning stations:

  1. Blending the food preparation waste collected from the College’s canteen (ie. vegetable scraps etc.) for the worms
  2. Preparing the worm factory bedding layer for the worms
  3. Introducing the Malaysian Blue worms in the worm factory

After going through all 3 learning stations, students were given some time to fill in their activity booklets. The students could confidently complete majority of the activities in the activity booklet, showing that they had learnt a lot about vermicomposting. A mini “test-your-understanding” quiz was then conducted by our JH3 Greenlink member, Swapna Priya. During the quiz, the students were very enthusiastic in answering the questions. When asked how they would rate the session upon 10, with 10 being excellent and 1 being horrible, all of them shouted 10/10! 

In addition to the students who had an enjoyable and enriching time with our Greenlink members, the outreach was definitely a good learning opportunity for our JH3 Greenlink members to exercise their leadership.

We would like to thank GongShang Primary School for specially coming all the way down to our College to learn about our vermicomposting practices and we hope they will start their very own worm factories in time to come.

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