2019 Growing Togetherness @ NJC -Vegetables Planting Competition

Last year, we launched the first run of Growing Togetherness@NJC and many have participated and gained more knowledge on gardening through this competition. Therefore, we have launched the second run of Growing Togetherness and this time, at a larger scale and with even more activities planned!

This year, over a 100 students and staff joined us on this Growing Togetherness journey! The aim of Growing Togetherness@NJC is to develop gardening interests in our school staff and students and allow them to bond through common interest, gardening. Therefore, we have set up WhatsApp chats and a GoogleClassroom platform for participants to discuss about gardening, share tips and encourage each other during this journey.

Various activities will also be launched along the way to help spice up this competition. Some of the activities include, pop quizzes (which tests and teaches participants various interesting facts of the edibles grown),  ePortfolio challenge (Students are required to submit a e-scrapbook made for their plant, which documents their plants’ milestones such as first leaf, first flower, etc. This encourages our participants to learn more about their plant and their plant’s growth and development can be documented.), photography challenge and many more! These activities are put in place to ensure that the participants can have fun and at the same time, they are able to learn and have takeaways from Growing Togetherness 2019.

Growing Togetherness 2019 will end in September and more information and pictures about this competition will be shared on this blog after it ends, so stay tuned! 🙂

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